The Wizard Kingdom of Regus is one of the longest-standing kingdoms of Lavato. Located on the rocky shores of the great ocean, Regus is ruled by the most powerful wizards in the world. Its army is legendary for defense, and it is said that a Wizard Kingdom castle could last under siege for 100 years. Subjects of tumultuous kingdoms like Folrart and Crest are envious of the stability to be found in Regus. However, even Regus is not immune to the threat of a powerful traitor from within its highest ranks.

The hidden truth of Regus is that the Magic Archive, hidden in Regus, can manipulate people, and created the kingdom to protect itself. The king of Regus is not a human, but in fact a magical artifact. Unfortunately, Galdirea's magic doll Noze absorbs the Magic Archive, leading to the kingdom's downfall.

Forces of Regus

Regus is protected by the Six Paladins of Regus.

The soldiers of Regus are also trained in wizardry, and utilize magic in addition to combat skills. Many units of soldiers fight with weapons produced by the power of magic. Such weapons are in heavy use throughout the armies of Regus. Because they are made entirely of magic, making them bigger is just a matter of spellcraft and focus. Even an experienced soldier would have trouble wielding one the size of a greatsword.

  • Scythe soldiers wield powerful blades forged by magic. In an army created almost entirely for defense, they are one of the few charged with eradicating the enemy.
  • Wizard Archers fire at their enemies with magically endowed bows. These enchantments can pierce any target and bind its movements.
  • Haste Soldiers are the shock troopers of Regus. They use magic to temporarily augment their strength and speed, and sprints into combat with enemies before they can react.
  • Mage Knights are trained to rush into the opposing ranks and disrupt the enemy wizards before they can complete casting their spells.
  • Spell Lancers create and maintain their own magic weapons. Their lances can extend and shrink as needed, driving through ranks of soldiers.
  • Teleportation Soldiers are mage soldiers who use teleportation magic to fight on the battlefield. Not only can they transport herself behind the enemy, they can also take someone with them.
  • Mirror Shield Soldiers are specialized soldiers who wield ancient magic shields and are trained in disrupting spellcasters.
  • Runesword Fighters are a division of Regus soldiers who fight with rune-covered greatswords they create themselves. However, during Galdirea and Durendal's infiltration of the Regus army their magic swords were corrupted and filled with evil power.
  • Eagle Soldiers are swordsman of Regus who possess the ability to command avians, and specialize in using them for surprise attacks from above.
  • Swan cavaliers are magician warriors of the wizard kingdom. They fight both with their magical skills and well-trained fighting abilities. They ride huge swans that allow them to attack enemies from above. They wield magic of lightning strikes and the wind.

The Wizard Kingdom employs dozens of kinds of scouts. Swallow Scouts are flying scouts of the Wizard Kingdom. Their quickness is unmatched throughout the lands.

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