Thanks for your help, boys. You men may fire at will. - Reis (Black Heart) Look out lads! Reis is lookin' for a new cannon crew! (Red Scarves) Give me a week in port, Reis: I'll find your Highland lass. (Butcher Pinchot) Mortimer looked at Reis, then at the mermaids down below. He decided to take his chances with the mermaids. (Reis) Somebody tells Captain Reis: Gerald's having one of his fits again. - Julius Caligari (Guns Blazing) Reis shouted a curse and cut through the main mast. All McGee could do was jump out of the way and look for a safe place to dive overboard. (From Stem to Gudgeon) Reis's voice was guttural and unfeeling. Sink it, was all he said. (Long Range Cannon Volley) Berek said te leave, an' we're leavin'! Bonnie screamed. Or else Reis paints his sails with our blood! (Listen!) I don't want the cargo. I want them dead. - Reis (Run 'im Through!) Find out who took my Cross, Reis whispered. Or I might get angry. (X Almost Marks the Spot) You're a cold-hearted bastard, Reis! Not as cold as you're about to be, Mister Clemmens. (I Told You Not To Trust Him) Berek had stolen the Cross from the Crimson Rogers - and it was only a matter of time before Reis caught up with him. (Staying Ahead of Trouble) The Vodacce import it from the forbidden lands and sell it like gold. Of course, Reis never has a problem getting hold of that damned fire. -Allende (Crescent Fire) Mortimer looked at Reis, then at the mermaids down below. He decided to take his chances with the mermaids. Very impressive, Captain Reis, but not the piece I'm looking for. Still, it's worth a little recompense.... (Vincenzo Caligari) Every six months, a homicidal rage claims him. Reis find it handy for keeping the men in line. (Gerald Hohne) Bonnie cut the last rope and the Black Dawn sped away. I swear, she whispered back at Reis. I swear that someday you'll pay. (To Fight Another Day) I'm always so disappointed by incompetence in my adversaries... - Reis (Innocent Bystander) I get a lot of money to dig holes; it's Reis's business what he puts in them. (Gino Napoli) No one ever faced Reis an' lived, but plenty of us faced 'im an' died. Very soon, he's gonna find out how many... (Samuel Smitts) Did I stutter? -Reis (Take No Prisoners!) That will do nicely, Riant. We don't want him dying before he talks - Reis (The Wrath of Reis) It's time we taught Jeremiah Berek a lesson. No one steals my property. - Reis (Crimson Roger Pride) You think Reis scares me? I once tied Aleski Novgorov to a tree by his tail. Funniest thing you ever saw. (Natalia Ivanonva) You must have ...No Barter... in play to play this card. Until the end of the turn, players may not tack Crew to absorb Hits. Reis looked down as Berek toppled overboard and vanished beneath the foam. No one steals from me, Sea Dog. (...No Quarter!)