The Revolutionary League is a collection of fervent anarchists. They believe that only when someone is free of the bonds of the other factions, they will seek the real truth.

Of course, a body's got to be careful. The plutocrats don't want to give up a single grain of their power cache, so they'll try to break the spirit of the revolution - if they can catch it. A blood's got to be careful and keep himself dark from the factols or he'll end up lost in an alley some night, so the best thing to do is to pit the factions against each other. A cutter doesn't need to hit them head-on unless he wants to end up in the dead-book. Once the factions all come down, then folks can find the real truth. What's that truth? No one knows and there's no way of saying. There ain't no point in thinking about it even, not until what's standing now is brought down. Break it all and rebuild with the pieces that're left - that's the only plan.