Sir Rhawn d'Ilchant. His name is feared throughout the Accordlands. Master of Ilchant Fortress, the training ground for evil paladins, he wields his blade for justice - but utterly without mercy. His men serve from fear and devotion, content in the knowledge that no enemy can face the Sword of the Storm... and survive.

Sir Rhawn d'Ilchant is an honorable man, a man of strength and of law. His heart is hard, unmoved by the cries of thoes who wish peace or mercy, driven only by the unchanging rule of justice and of truth. But truth can be cruel, and not all justice brings peace...

Rhawn is an evil paladin within the Deverenian Empire.

Put the sun to rest; seek light no more.

"Kill them all. Baptise thy blades to the hilt." -Sir Rhawn d'Ilchant (Lead from the Front)

I have avenged Aroch, but how worthy were they, to fall to lowly highwaymen? - Sir Rhawn d'Ilchant (Crisis of Faith)

"I will tear down your truths and show you the darkness behind the sun. And when you armies are crushed beneath my heel, Aroch will be no more than a handful of dust."-Rhawn d'Ilchant (Black Sun Shield)

"And what do you want in return, Sir Rhawn?" - Terak Justicebringer (Reversal of Fortune)

Sir Rhawn d'Ilchant

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