Rhys was once a prominent hunter among the elves. He was being blamed for a cataclysmic event that killed many of his fellows. Even worse, his horns were broken, which makes him ugly. This makes him doubly damned in the eyes of his society. Knowing his skill and reputation, they are pulling out all the stops to bring him to their vicious brand of justice.

As if he didn't have enough to worry about with his own skin, he also has to deal with the Aurora. What is the Aurora? Most know it as pretty lights in the sky, and apart from the kithkin, who use the event to mark one of their great celebrations, most don't think much of it. But a few wise heads seem very concerned about it, which in turns concerns Rhys.

Rhys is a powerful hero whose abilities go beyond a regular task mage. Not only is he an accomplished warrior, but he knows a good handful of spells, thanks to his mentor Colfenor.

After the Aurora transformed Lorwyn into Shadowmoor, Rhys the Exiled became Rhys the Redeemed. Rhys was a determined elf warrior whose destiny took an unexpected turn when the Great Aurora washed away his memories. Now a newly non-disfigured member of the elves of the Wilt-Leaf Wood, he meets a group of people who seem to know him from another time. They’re strange to him, but they seem to know about a quest he once had, something vitally important that had to do with this “Aurora” event they keep talking about.

Whole again in honor and horn. (Rhys the Redeemed)

Once a famed hunter and packmaster, now a renegade seeking his own path. (Rhys the Exiled)

Rhys the Exiled, Rhys the Redeemed