A mighty mage, Riku of Two Reflections had two passions: the study of spellcraft and the study of life. The mage could never choose, but had no time to master both. Through an ancient illusionist's spell, he found the solution: he secretly split himself into two reflections, and each Riku trained and studied for years in his chosen field. Today, Riku is hailed as a master of both disciplines, and few know his secrets. The reflections never stray far from each other and, when danger threatens, enemies face the power of both Rikus.

Riku of Two Reflections is a young, dynamic mage with Asian features. He is a master of illusion.

"Granted, it's the pinnacle of utter destructiveness. So what would you call two of them?" -Riku of Two Reflections (Magmatic Force)

Riku of Two Reflections