The Rimewind wizards are a cult of wizards at the end of Dominaria's Ice Age.They oppose the Thaw which ends the ice age.

The Rimewind wizards strove to perpetuate a magical winter. Their unnatural snows birthed unnatural beasts.

Rimewind is a small sect of wizards who started by studying the changing world and figuring out ways to deal with its new icy form. While Terisiare was covered in snow, this group was tucked away in their keep way up in the wilds near Ronom Glacier. They were content to go about studying and developing magic that worked with the cold. At that point, hundreds of years into the Ice Age, fighting against it seemed futile. For the Rimewind, this was a good move. Sometime soon after their formation, they discovered a way to use the ice’s crystalline structure as a sort of lens. They drew mana from the land and pulled it up through the ice… and it was magnified!

The wizards of Rimewind slid easily through the remaining thousand years of the Ice Age. Their magical discoveries led to comfortable and rewarding life. When Freyalise cast her World spell to end the ice age, the people of Rimewind had to once again adapt to a changing world. But some of them were not yet ready to give up the power granted them by the cold.


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