The Riptide Project was an organization of wizards. Founded by Cephalid empress Llawan as a cooperative between humans and cephalids to advance the magical arts, Riptide Project wizards were probably the most well traveled beings on post-Apocalypse Dominia.

Project explorers went to Urborg, and came across the ruins of Volrath's Stronghold. There they found enough Sliver remains to experiment with back home in Otaria. Unfortunately for them, they were not nearly as foresighted as Volrath. They failed to consider just how fast Slivers could multiply, or how difficult it would be to control them.

The Slivers went on a rampage, quickly overrunning the Riptide Project. Thanks to their instincts, power-sharing abilities, and the multiplication abilities of the Brood Sliver, any wizards who weren't driven out were reduced to desperate survivalist tactics.

"Attempts to revive this ancient species have not been entirely successful, but results indicate potential for future development." -Riptide Project researcher (Graxiplon)

Many wizards came to the Riptide Project hoping to return home with answers. Most, however, wouldn't return home at all. (Fugitive Wizard)

"I said 'pick his brain,' not 'tear off his head.'" -Riptide Project researcher (Discombobulate)

The directors of the Riptide Project wanted instant results on the sliver experiments. They got their wish. (Quick Sliver)

The Riptide Project was perhaps the only school devoted to preventing the spread of knowledge. (Psychic Trance)

"It would take another apocalypse to stop the slivers now." -Riptide Project researcher (Root Sliver)

After breaking free from the Riptide Project, the slivers quickly adapted to life on Otaria -much to the dismay of life on Otaria. (Blade Sliver)

"Species XR17 feeds upon the mental energies of its victims. This explains why the goblins remain unaffected." -Riptide Project researcher (Synapse Sliver)

Once the last few slivers the Riptide Project controlled were dead, there was nothing to keep the island from being completely overrun. (Shifting Sliver)

"New links are being added to the food chain on a daily basis." -Riptide Project researcher (Hundroog)

The wizard consulted the Riptide Project about how to further his research. He wasn't prepared for what they told him. (Riptide Chronologist)

"Like the seas, the aether is fickle and ever-changing. If we can control one, we can master the other." -Riptide Project director (Dispersing Orb)

"Death couldn't contain the slivers. What made us think we could?" -Riptide Project researcher (Crypt Sliver)

The grounds of the Riptide Project are now populated only by slivers, broken beakers, and the lonely screeching of gulls. (Uncontrolled Infestation)

Riptide Laboratory, Riptide Replicator