It is said thar all desires can be sared in Rivenheart, the vibrant capital of Shendilavri. Nearly all of the city's inhabitants are mortals or pretending to be mortals, each seeking or providing a host of perversions, debaucheries, and euphoric experiences. Along avenues flanked with crumbling marble statues and delicately crafted free-standing pillars, succubi and incubi lead their dupes to a life of capitulation to the senses, for when rhe mortals finally give rhemselves fully to the pursuit of new sensations and addictions they belong to Malcanthet.

The Queen of the Succubi dwells in an immense palace of domed towers and skylit courtyards. The demesne has no doors, and all who dwell in Rivenheart are invited to enter its shaded halls and experience its forbidden pleasures. Such invitations bring uncounted thousands to the plane, but it is much easier to number rhose who manage to leave Malcanthet's abode than rhose who enter it.