The River Styx is the river of the Underworld from Classical Greek myth. It appears in several games.

Planescape Setting

The River Styx winds its way through the Lower Planes. It will steal the memories of any who are submerged in it. However, for those careful enough, it provides a convenient means of travel through the lower planes.

  • In Avernus, it is a polluted, oil-slicked river fed by rivulets of blood from the eternal battles waged on the layer.
  • On Nessus, the Styx cascades down as a waterfall, collecting in the Forgotten Lake.
  • In Pazunia, its turbid waters are oily and purple as a bruise.
  • In Stygia, the Styx winds its way like a black serpent through Stygia’s salty waters but maintains its own integrity, meandering across Stygia as it would a flattened land mass. Where it touches open ocean, its oily, putrescent waters are clearly distinguishable from the surrounding sea. The largest of the ice floes support entire cities, and the Styx cuts through these as well.
  • In Thanatos, chunks of solid ice float upon an impossibly cold crystal clear surface.