Robert Holmes was a blacksmith and inventor in Gomorra. He ran a machinist's shop and blacksmithy. He was crushed by his own creation, SUZY 309.

Could you be a little more careful? I like my fingers just the way they are. -Robert Holmes (Machinist's Shop)

Looking good, Marcus. -Robert Holmes (A Few Custom Modifications)

Sure, I can fix that. What? Oh, don't mind Suzy; one of my little side projects is all. Just don't make any sudden moves around her, okay?

Like Vulcan's forge, we bring miracles out of the fires. Or would if I could ever find that Damned boltcutter. -Robert Holmes (Blacksmith)

A public display of force was what Ozzy wanted. Think she fits the bill? -Robert Holmes (SUZY 309)

Tell me where Mr. Holmes's errant creation has gone; I shall return her to the scrap heap that birthed her. (Fineas Von Landingham)

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