Sir Robert's flashing blades are among the quickest in the empire. With even a simple blade, Sir Robert's furious attacks make him a terror in battle.

The mighty kingdom of Andover has fallen, and the human lands are in flames. Only a few valiant warriors still live, fighting desperately as the days grow ever darker.

Duke of Andover

"Let the dwarves have the mountains. I have too many wounded, too few to bear the burden of our protection, to worry about their 'quest'" (Reserves)

They say it is the blood of the soldier that makes a general great. I pray that is not true else I will be remembered as the greatest general in history.

"They call Robert the hero of the Andover Wars. I call him meat, and nothing more." - Uthanak (Deverenian Shield)

"I will fight for what once was, and pray for what will be." - Sir Robert, Duke of Andover

"Robert resists the call for revenge, but it cannot be easy to outlive every good man he's ever known." - Maxmilian (Blind Vengeance)

"A man will often feel an itch in a limb that has been removed. I wonder, Sir Robert, what will you feel of Cassandra's love, when I have taken her from you?" -Maxmilian (Sacrifice)

"He's as fickle as the winds he calls." - Sir Robert the Vigilant (Ataxian)

"Sir Robert fights for our city. Friends, do not leave him now." - Fauve Mightyheart (Tales of Courage)

"While Robert fights the bull, he doesn't notice the viper." - Vronish Kez (Vital Distraction)

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