Gerrard's longtime friend and fellow student under the maro-sorcerer Multani, Rofellos is an excellent warrior and excellent company. Though adept at both magic and swordplay, he's far more comfortable with a flagon in his hand and a good companion at his side. Rofellos was Gerrard Capashen's best friend, and joined him on the Weatherlight. He accompanied Gerrard and Mirri to Crovax's estate, where he was killed by Gallowbraid and Morinfen

Yavimaya received the Llanowar elf Rofellos in a cultural exchange when both lands were preparing for the Phyrexian threat. Yavimaya learned the Llanowar ways of war from Rofellos, and the sentient forest learned quickly and changed. And while Yavimaya changed, so too did Rofellos. He spent several hundred years as the local voice of Yavimaya, losing himself to Yavimaya's will. The ever-youthful Rofellos gained longevity along with maturity and a deep connection to the land.

"I think it no accident that every civilized people has discovered the art of distillation." -Rofellos of Llanowar (Braidwood Cup)

"In Llanowar, we tend the forest's boughs and branches. In Yavimaya, we are a part of them." -Rofellos of Llanowar (Heart Warden)

"Rise, elf. We are both of Gaea, and thus we are equal." -Multani, to Rofellos (Rofellos's Gift)

Much to Multani's chagrin, Rofellos gleefully tutored Yavimaya's elves on the rudest and most vulgar words spoken in Llanowar.

The safety of the village depends on the beast thinking with its stomach. (Taunting Elf)

"Full of beauty and grace, with a predator's instincts ... Although she wanders, I have always thought Mirri belongs in Llanowar most of all." -Rofellos, Llanowar emissary (Mirri, Cat Warrior)