As handsome as he is violent, the young Rudo Mangod is the sort of unapologetically brutal savant who might at one time have served as a Sword of Great Justice in long-ago Marmothoa. Rudo serves with distinction in the Imperial Army, where he regularly covers himself in glory (and gore) fighting against the Counter-Imperials. His habits as a brawler aside, he is a rising star of Direstock. Rudo is also the only human courageous (or stupid) enough to admonish Bladefist Doomwing, for whom he has a strange affection.

A frightful adonis of infamous temperament.

The prettiest pugilist in the platoon. "Just sit back and watch how it's supposed to be done."

Only a true Mangod heir could free the sword from its resting place. In one swift movement, Rudo claimed his birthright to badassery and generations of stored power.