Following the Catastrophe, Rugolth had been ordered to scout the ruins of the Kingdom of Elsarin, and rout the remnants of the Elsarin army. It was during this tour of duty, that Rugolth came to see the extent of the devastation caused by Valdec's super-weapon. Upon fighting a great battle against an endless undead army, Rugolth ordered his soldiers to give up their assigned task and flee north with him. As he travelled back through Valdec, he discovered that the Catastrophe was having consequences within Valdec itself, and ultimately resolved to return to his ancestral homeland. During his journey north, Rugolth would gather a great following of people who would make their exodus from Valdec, to build what would become the great Stronghold of Ironfist.

During his escape from Valdac, it is said that Rugolth split the earth with his fist.

"This blade belonged to the nation of Valdac, not to Akakios or his Draks. If they want our holy blade, they can take it to the hilt." - King Rugolth of Ironfist (Holy Blade of Valdac)

Freedom is never far from extinction. It must be fought for and defended while teaching our coming generations how to do the same. - Late King Rugolth's personal journal

"The Axeman's Fate was not forged. It was born in battle. It has friends and enemies. It is an axeman, wielded by the best of axemen." -Rugolth of Ironfist

"The fairest battlefield is always an empty one." - Rugolth, King of Ironfist

"Tell the geomancers that the next time they want to call forth lava into MY stronghold, they ask me first!" - Rugolth, Dwarven King

"I don't want to lose another outpost, because our defenses couldn't cut it. We need something better, Feofil. Tell them we need something that fights back." - King Rugolth of Ironfist

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