While living, Ruubgaal was the greatest king the Voil had ever known. With Serkan's necromancy now fueling his body his power has grown ten fold...and he has not forgotten Eehiist's betrayal.

The crown of the Voil King was buried with him, in his tomb. When word of his resurrection spread, many came to claim his crown for themselves. The crown and the king were gone. (Tempest Crown)

"Here lies Ruubgaal, the king of the Voil, the master of the Shattered Peaks, the Voil who built an Empire. May he rest in peace. No stealing, no loitering." - Inscription on the crypt of the Voil King

Amongst Eehiist's grand army, there have been several who disagree with the Voil Queen. When Ruubgaal returned, this group of Voil emerged from the darkness. They wore the armor of the old Voil King.

Ruubgaal's gift has warped them completely. It's become sport to them, as they float the balance between life and death so deftly they rarely hear the screams of those they take from and the sighs of relief from those that receive (Voil Infernal)

"Old Ruubgaal has many tricks! And you thought I spent my death in sleep. Be sure to thank the Elsari when they come to raise your corpses." - Ruubgaal, Rightful King of Hiistzine (Spellthief Resurrection)

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