Ryla is a physically gifted and professionally trained demon warrior. Her rise to success and fame was rapid, as she quickly learned that center-circuit crowds loved her flashy finishing moves. Her demeanor outside of the arena is known to be quite reserved, likely due to the majority of her life being in training, rather than a volatile demon dimension. Some believe the rumors that her soul isn't demonic at all, and that she carries the essence of legendary champion.

The presence of Ryla can be credited to the Prince of Gates. Some time ago, the Prince of Gates fought a legendary Ophidian match versus Kaleem, Keeper Prime, an aging, yet fierce and noble spirit-warrior.

The battle was long and bloody. With healing and mind techniques, Kaleem had nearly defeated the Prince of Gates, making easy work of his portal demons and slowly chipping away at the Prince's endurance.

In a last ditch effort, the Prince of Gates summoned Ryla, a champion morph-demon from Daemonhelm. The tide of battle shifted as Ryla tore through Kaleem's defense, and it was she who laid the final blow upon Kaleem. As Ryla stood over the remains of Kaleem, with the menacing laugh of her master in the background, something unexpected happened.

Kaleem, while defeated, was not gone, and he transferred a piece of his spirit to Ryla. As he possesses her, her glyph is broken, and she is free from the Prince of Gates' power. With a piece of Kaleem inside her, she disowned the Prince of Gates, and escaped the arena before she could be returned to her dimension. She has vowed to destroy her former master in an Ophidian match.

The last season Ryla becomed part of Team Uncanny alongside with Striking Dragon, P.K. and Freakshow and won the Ophidian Teams Championship. But her quest to destroy Prince of Gates is far from over, as a voice in her mind keeps tell her that he must fall.

What or who are that voice? And if that's not enough who are those people that called thenselves as Followers of the Path, why are they chasing her? And she knows that the anwers will soon be revealed to her.

Ever since the dramatic match one year ago in which Ryla killed Kaleem after being portaled in by Prince of Gates, and was then freed from the bond of his Glyph, Kaleem's followers have flocked to Ryla believing the spirit of Kaleem to be locked inside her. Although the followers of Kaleem have not determined what course of action to take regarding Ryla and Kaleem, there is no doubt that Ryla's ratings have skyrocketed as the result of all the attention. What truth there is to these rumors is unknown and Ryla has yet to comment, but many that have studied Ryla have noticed many similarities in her fighting to that of Kaleem.

Summoned by Xarz'ycus to defeat the spirit-warrior Kaleem, Ryla was instead freed by Kaleem's essence.

Vengeance is more enduring than vitality. -Ryla, Rogue Demon (Fierce Aura)

Let's see him advance at me now! -Ryla, Rogue Demon (Shriveled Bones)

Don't be afraid, this won't hurt a bit. -Ryla, Rogue Demon (Paralyzing Touch)

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Mystic

Ryla (exp)

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