This massive being possesses several thick, jointed arms raised to the sky. Long, needle-sharp thorns cover its thick hide, and tiny, deep-set eyes peer from between ridges along its body.

Saguaro sentinels are wastelands relatives of the treant. Like those tree folk, they consider themselves guardians of desert plant life. Unlike treants, though, they are not much concerned with good and evil.

Saguaro sentinels stand over 30 feet tall, and some exceptional individuals approach 50 feet in height. They are thicker-bodied and retain more water than treants, having an average weight of 6,000 pounds. These cactus folk are normally slow to anger, but once aroused they are deadly juggernauts.

A saguaro sentinel spends most of its time standing and watching. It prefers higher ground, as long as it has soil in which to root, so it can observe larger por- tions of the waste. If interlopers are causing harm to desert life, a sentinel barrels down on them without warning.

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