Friend and companion to Hitomi Takahashi, Sakura has been given the power to forge a Blood Blade. By slicing her wrist and summoning her own blood, she is able to form and wield a very powerful weapon.

Sakura works as a cosplay café waitress in the Akihabara district of Tokyo Japan. While walking home one night she noticed 3 dark figures following her. She quickly ducked down a nearby alley only to find the alley came to a dead-end. She tried to double back but it was to late, the dark figures were on her. She screamed but no one was out at this time.

For the next part it was just a blur but what she remembers is protesting the men and swiftly being knocked to the ground. A single punch to the stomach was all it took. She knew she was done, the best she could hope for as she lay there was that she would survive the night. She begged for strength, the strength needed to lay these bastards low, but all she got in return was the mocking laugher and humiliation of her would be attackers.

The men began moving in closer to her, she braced for what was to come, but what happened next could only be described as absolute horror. The figure furthest away was ripped in half, his body severed from itself. The screams were deafening, the other 2 tried in vain to fight back but a giant wolf devoured them in seconds. Blood was everywhere as the wolf turned it gaze at her.

What irony she thought, to be saved from rapist over to be torn to pieces by a monster wolf. The wolf towered over the poor girl as she cringed in fear but the attack never came. The wolf turned and as quickly as it arrived it was gone, vanished into the darkness.

"Are you ok, are you hurt," came a voice, a womans voice. A female figure reached down a lifted her head and held it in her arms.

Sakura answered, "What was that thing"?

The woman calmly replied, "It wont hurt you and neither will I".

Sakura asked, "Who are you"?

"My name is Hitomi, Hitomi Takahashi and that wolf is one of my power beasts. I was walking home and I heard your cries. I came as fast as I could Are you ok?"

"I'm alittle banged up but I'm ok."

"Do you want to be strong?", Hitomi asked.

"YES", she replied.

"PULSE!" she yelled, "Give her power - she can be my companion".

The two became inseparable and their bounds became so strong over time that they would lay down their very lives for the other. Sadly though in the end, it would be Sakura that would ultimately be the one to sacrifice her life to save a friend.


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