Sam's a decent enough fella. Makes you wonder what he's doin' in Gomorra. (Sam's General Store) They're saddled and ready, Jack: one each for you, me, Rachel, and Victor. You give the word, and we're dots on the horizon. -Sam Horowitz (Fresh Horses) Hey Sam, can I borrow some money? I'll pay you right back. (Big Doc's Casino) We sometimes need to stay open longer when a big shipment comes in. -Sam (Overtime) Somethin' wrong, Darren? You look like you seen a ghost... -Sam Horowitz (Phantoms) hat in the Sam Hill is Kang up to!?! (Desperate Measures) That wasn't me, Sheriff-the stagecoach driver said himself it was the New Mexico Mangler that robbed 'im! -Sam Horowitz (Secret Identity) Someone wanna shut that train whistle up? It's breaking my concentration. You got ten seconds to clear the buildin'. Just because we're on the side o' the angels now don't mean we're followin' the rules.

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