The Samites are an order of healers. They exist both on Dominaria and Ulgrotha, and perhaps elsewhere.

The Samites are strong believers that there is no such thing as good or evil, and that everything will likely turn out in the end just the way it was supposed to. They believe that opposing viewpoints have always existed, and always will exist.

Neutrality and balance are their goals, and while the purity of the soul is important to them, they firmly believe that it is not their job to bend anyone's will to their peculiar philosophy. They believe that every creature has potential for good and evil within them, but no being can be only good or only evil. When confronted with absolutism, or called evil for the way they think, Samites usually just ignore the name-caller, or tell them to look into their own heart if they really want to find the true meaning of evil.

On Ulgrotha, Samites are a minority in Aysen, and are a bit of an accepted abnormality in Aysen society. Amongst those few who survived the Great War millenia ago, there were a number of Healers who survived, and passed down both their trade and Samite philosophy to their children and students. The Samites of Ulgrotha include alchemists among their number as well as more traditional healers. Scientists by nature and healers by trade, the Samite alchemists are known for their powerful healing potions and their use of specially-bred, poison-draining leeches.

When talking with militant Serrans, the Samites usually tell them to look for the evil within themselves before they blame all their problems on the distant Baron Sengir or upon the persecuted Death Speakers. Obviously, the Serra Inquisitors and the Samites have come to debate far more than just a few times, but there is never an obvious conclusion in any of the public arguments, as the Samites aren't really trying to change anyone who doesn't want to be changed.

Why does a Samite heal? You might as well ask why a bird flies.

Our war is against suffering, not against those who cause it. -Samite creed (Samite Sanctuary)

Samite healers never mix their pungent elixir with sweetener or tea. The threat of a second dose is enough to get most warriors back on their feet. (Reviving Dose)

Samite alchemists extracted aromatic traces of healing minerals from the residue of the receding salt dunes.

"The silkworm spins itself a new existence. So the healer weaves the threads of life." —Orim, Samite healer


OrimSamite HealerHuman
Reyhan (Ulgrotha)HumanAlchemist

Samite Elder

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