Any fantasy can be had in the pleasure-pits of Samora, for a price, of course. Its gaudy parlors and per-fumed spires attract merchants and dilettantes alike. Flere mortals and demons coexist more or less peacefully, since the mortals come to spend coin and spiritual capital and the town's demons are mostly hiding out from the Blood War. Graz'zt pours an enormous amount of coin into that conflict to prevent the babau and molydei from checking in on Samora, and as a result its palaces are havens for fugitives and deserters.

The ruler of Samora is the succubus Maretta, a brilliant manipulator who manages the town's affairs from an underground bunker and pleasure den called the Counting House. Maretta also keeps track of a multitude of pacts and agreements with mortals and even rival demon lords. She also commands a patrol of thirteen female half-fiends known as the Lady's Lancers. The order formerly included Graz'zt's daughter, Thraxxia, and commands a great deal of respect throughout Azzagrat. These Lancers usuallv work alone, but at the direction ol their master they can band together for a large operation.

A nondescript doorway near one ot rhe Town's primary slave markets leads to the Infinite Staircase, and is one of the easiest ways for PCs to enter the city. Thus far, nor even Graz'zt himself knows of its existence.

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