Samut was a renowned initiate, a master of the double khopesh, and adept at channeling her speed and strength into her attacks. She was a leader among her crop, and was highly dependable during battle. Fellow crop members reported that it seemed she was always everywhere at once; she had everyone's back, and never let a fellow fall. Her speed seemed inhuman, as did her ability to strike down opponents to protect her crop. She and her close friend Djeru were unstoppable among the initiates.

But Samut had a secret. As a child, she ventured outside of the magical barrier that protected her city, and discovered evidence of a not-so-distant past. She found hieroglyphs of long-forgotten dances and rituals on the walls of ancient buildings, and determined that something had altered her world to its core. Samut studied the dances and learned as much as she could about Amonkhet's past, and vowed to reveal the truth about what had happened to Amonkhet. She grew up to be a persistent and determined adult, but was uncertain how she alone could make the change she needs. For that reason, she prevented the death of her friend Djeru and resolved to convince him to help her rally their people and their beloved gods against the God-Pharaoh.

"Don't you ever wonder what lies beyond the Hekma? Beyond the reach of the gods? Beyond the horns on the horizon?" -Samut, initiate of Tah crop

"I'll fight no more just for the honor of dying. The afterlife will have to wait."

Samut battled her way through the hordes, shouting the names of those who'd died in her crop and those she hoped yet to save.

"If you believe the God-Pharaoh tests you, charge with me to prove yourself. If you believe he betrayed us all, join with me to fight for tomorrow!"

"Neither the false God-Pharaoh nor his bugs will decide our fate."

Samut, Voice of Dissent, Samut, the Tested

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