This article is about a bearfolk priestess. For other uses, see Sana (disambiguation).

Some say she was raised by the Druids themselves, or that age-old tales foretold her role in the coming of the rebalance. Whatever her fate, she is kin to the Wyld, and its powers are as familiar to her as a mother’s embrace. Sana lacks material needs or desires, instead following the path of the Wyld and the teachings of old. The clan’s soothsayers speak of prophecy, but Sana remains humble. A sorceress and shaman of incredible talent, the Wyld speaks through her, fueling her immense power. They say she will be the one to bring balance, for it already dwells within her.

"She hears not this talk of prophecy swirling around her. She occupies the now, consuming every moment to its fullest. She will go where her heart leads."

Sana, Forest Sister

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