Sand Goblins are masters of survival. They come from a land where they were the lowest link on the food chain, and as such, they know how to adapt. Sand Goblins rely on a combination of trickery, denial, and brute force to overwhelm their enemies.

Sand Goblins come from the island-continent of Tralia, a hot, barren waste where survival is a tricky thing. The Sand Goblins have perfected the art of saving everything they find, using their discoveries later for food, shelter, or impromptu musical performances.

When the Sand Goblins first scavenged black powder from the Cloaks, they had little interest in finicky guns that required maintenance, care, and skill to use. But they instantly fell in love with the thunderous clap created by such weapons, and so they applied their characteristic ingenuity to create a new, more gobliny weapon. While other races often shake their heads at goblin stupidity, they will usually refrain from doing so when being chased by a cackling goblin with a bomb strapped to its back.

Sand Goblin Bomber, Sand Goblin Javelineer, Sand Goblin Scavenger, Sand Goblin Shaman, Sand Goblin Slayer

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