Well I heard that someone saw old Robert Northrop up at the Bleeding Vein! Said that he was creeping around near the back of the mine, where it opens up beneath the water line. But I don't believe it. I mean, how could he still be alive after all this ti... Sandra? Where are you going? (Sewing Circle)

Robert? Honey, are you in there? Can you hear me? -Sandra Harris (Nyctophobia)

Sandra Harris runs that office tight as a drum.Any news goin' in or outta Gomorra's gotta pass through her. (Dispatch Office)

Tell the miners out there to keep this quiet for now, Duvalier. Sandra's upset enough without knowing that Robert is alive. -Walter Ponds (Bleeding Vein)

Isn't that cute... they figure they can get a coded message through just 'cause it's in Flemish. Suckers.

Don't know why I bother fixin' these. Not many people sendin' messages these days-except SOSes, that is.

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