The Negative Energy Plane is an endless void that is darker than the blackest night and emptier than the most evil heart. Here and there, one can find voidstones—negative energy so densely concentrated that it becomes solid matter. But in one especially dismal corner of the plane, a number of voidstones have accumulated to form a shifting congrega- tion of annihilation known as the Sargasso of Entropy.

The sargasso is one of the most deadly locations in the multiverse. Every one of the voidstones is powerful enough to completely wipe out anything it touches. Together, swirling in the unpredictable, chaotic way they do, the voidstones are practically unavoidable—getting any closer to the sargasso than a few dozen feet is practically an act of suicide.

The Sargasso of Entropy is a sacred site for those who wor- ship Wee Jas, Nerull, and other deities associated with death. Champions of life, on the other hand, occasionally visit the spot because it is so closely attuned to death. They believe that seeing it and feeling its power will focus their resolve to resist the inevitable, withering end that waits for all creatures.

The sargasso is a planar touchstone, granting abilities to those who brave its dangers.