Savra was a Devkarin elf who seized control of the Golgari. She was manipulated by Szadek, and ultimately perished due to his manipulations.

"Nature's most raw beauty is the circle: perfect in its continuance, with no break between death and life." (Savra)

"If only my poxes were as infectious as their zealotry." -Savra (Surge of Zeal)

"All dead move to the hollow rhythm of necromancy." -Savra (Macabre Waltz)

"Look at her, once filled with innocence. Death has a way of wringing away such . . . deficiencies." -Savra (Plagued Rusalka)

"The soil here is rich with the rotting dead, and the sun's fingers barely penetrate the dark canopy. Plant our brethren here. This shall be our sanctuary." -Savra

Even the Goblins shun this haunted place, where the tree limbs twist in agony and the ground seems to scuttle under your feet. (Dark Heart of the Wood)

"The bones of the past will tell their tales -if you know how to speak their language." -Savra (Recollect)

"Nothing could be more natural than roots sucking nourishment from the dead." -Savra (Woodwraith Strangler)

Deadbridge Chant, Ravnica (fatpack), Savra, Queen of the Golgari