Sea Gate is the closest thing to a hub of civilization in Tazeem. The city is nominally based around trade houses, with a central house for blacksmiths, coopers, butchers, etc. The flat space at the top of the sea wall is approximately 20 acres, and nearly every inch has been built up with houses and shops. Even the narrow corridors between the buildings are covered because of the risk of attacks from drakes and other aerial predators.

"Gathering kindling in the Oran-Rief is one of the militia's most important tasks. We must keep pyres all along the edge of the wall. They don't help much with the dragon attacks, but they deter the drakes and keep the oozes and giant slugs out of the city." —Rioden, captain of the Sea Gate Guard

At the eastern side of the sea gate stands the Lighthouse, a cylindrical tower that is the center of all learning in Tazeem. The Lighthouse has 20 floors and is a nexus for merfolk explorers/chroniclers. The walls are lined with leather scrolls filled with maps, spells, archeological finds, lists of plant and animal classifications, and theoretical discussions of The Roil.

Once a center for knowledge, Sea Gate now serves as a reminder of what was lost.

Sea Gate Wreckage