The Seekers of Carmot is an organization centered on Esper that searches for Carmot, the mysterious red stone necessary for creating new Etherium. It is primarily a sect of mages.

The Conflux caused a rise in the popularity of the Seekers of Carmot, Their dogma is clear: send emissaries into the other shards, seeking that stone at any cost. Some mages have misgivings about the Seekers' zeal and single-mindedness, and deeply distrust their eagerness to leave Esper after the convergence of the shards. In truth, most Seekers have no idea that their quest has been motivated by the dragon planeswalker Nicol Bolas.

Though the Seekers have found no carmot in Bant or Grixis, the encounters with the bizarre, untamed denizens of those shards has only increased their devotion to their cause. Though many curse the name of Crucius the Mad - the brilliant sphinx whose gift of etherium gave rise to overzealous monstrosities like æther-liches - they're the ultimate soldiers for his cause. That Bolas co-opted their mission for his own purposes doesn't change their zeal.

Swept up in the fervor surrounding the Seekers of Carmot are thousands of civilians, some of whom feel little or no allegiance with the Seekers' cause—but who, as part of Esper culture, are inseparable from concerns over the plane's supply of etherium. For good or for ill, life on Esper means a life with etherium.

The Seekers of Carmot searched across the unknown lands for the mystical red stone that could reforge Esper in ethereal perfection.


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Tezzeretthe Seeker
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