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Once a guardian of Crovax's estate, Selenia was freed from her magical bindings by the wealthy noble. Instead of remaining at his side, the angel chose to venture out into the world. For reasons unknown to Crovax, Selenia now serves the evil Volrath in his home realm of Rath.

Selenia has been corrupted and is now under Volrath's full control. An ageless being of white mana (now tainted with black), Selenia serves as a vanguard for Volrath. Her former charge, Crovax, pursues her with a consuming desire, and she uses this desire to hold a psychic link to the nobleman that alerts her to his location at all times. If she had motivations, passions, or dreams, they have all been subsumed by Volrath's whim.

Selenia was able to see into the future via precognition. Her sword was known as the Sword of the Chosen; it remained after her death.

"I am light. I am dark. I must give my life to serve; not even death can release me." -Selenia, dark angel

"These moonless, foreign skies keep me in thrall. Dark whispers echo in the night, and I cannot resist." -Selenia, dark angel (Dread of Night)

"My finest warrior was lost to the Phyrexians. I pray that Lady Selenia died honorably." -Radiant, archangel (Persecute)

One shard of Selenia yet remained. (Sword of the Chosen)

Crovax had witnessed Selenia lead the Predator to the Weatherlight. As the battle raged on deck, he felt his strength melt in the heat of her betrayal. (Enfeeblement)

For a sharp second, Selenia froze, and Crovax's blade found home. As the angel shattered like glass, Crovax felt his mind collapse -the curse had been fulfilled. (Death Stroke)

"Those who fear the darkness have never seen what the light can do." -Selenia, dark angel (Lightning Blast)

Selenia had hurt Mirri terribly, but injuries of the flesh could be treated. The wounds she had torn in Crovax's soul would never close. (Convalescence)

A gleam like struggling sunlight penetrated Selenia's dark thoughts. (Precognition)

"So like men are they: a hardened shell with fragile flesh beneath." -Selenia, dark angel (Horned Turtle)