The Burning Sands is a dangerous wasteland of fire and death. Those who survive in that land must find a source of water and a way to hide from the heat of the Sun. The Senpet Empire, located on the western edge of the desert, is a civilization that grew and flourished despite all the circumstances that would threaten its existence.

Half of the Senpet Empire, or the Empire of the Scarab as it is also known, exists on the desert itself, while the rest of the Empire exists on arable land. Occasional rainfall and two large rivers have kept the people of the Scarab alive for over a thousand years. They have built a sophisticated civilization around the worship of the Ten Thousand Gods. The Senpet believe the Ten Thousand Gods control all aspects of the world, and each of them attempts to advise mortals on how to live. In the Senpet view, it is simply a pity that only they are wise enough to listen to the Gods’ words.

The political structure of the Senpet Empire is very simple. The Pharaoh is the absolute power of the land and his words are final. While his advisors and judges can spend countless hours poring over counsel and arguments, it all means nothing if they fail to convince the Pharaoh. He is the final arbiter, the head of the religion and the leader of the Senpet armies. In short, the Pharaoh controls everything in the empire.

The Senpet believe that at the beginning of the world, nothing was there except for Shilah and Kaleel, the Sun and the Moon. They existed together during this First Age, a time of power, magic, and mystery. Mere mortals cannot understand the events that occurred during the First Age, and it serves as the foundation of all creation and magic in the world.