Named for a benevolent goddess at birth, Serra fulfilled the prophecy of that goddess's coming. As a planeswalker, she embodies white mana and helps whole civilizations develop while both directly and indirectly inspiring countless individuals to be steadfast and strong in the service of light.

"Though Serra has not been seen for twenty years, her gargoyles still watch over our city and punish the guilty." —Gulsen, abbey matron (Abbey Gargoyles)

"The Matrons still say Serra is coming back. I bet she never even existed." —Murat, Death Speaker (Abbey Matron)

In pursuit of Urza, the Phyrexians sent countless foul legions into Serra's realm. Though beaten back, they left it tainted with uncleansable evil. (Absolute Grace)

Serra's gift to her people: a symbol of faith and hope. (Aysen Abbey)

"The Beast Walkers do a great service to Aysen. As humans or as beasts, their heart is yet to Serra true." —Baris, Serra Inquisitor (Beast Walkers)

Radiant's eyes flashed. "Go, then," the angel spat at Serra, "and leave this world to those who truly care." (Catastrophe)

"When Serra made angels, people called her a goddess. My angels are far superior to hers." —Latulla, Keldon overseer (Copper-Leaf Angel)

As Serra was to learn, the peace and sanctity of her realm were as fragile as glass. (Crystal Chimes)

"Those who say that Serra is dead have never met the Autumn Willow's daughters. They are as kind and as generous as Serra would wish us to be." —Gulsen, Abbey Matron (Daughter of Autumn)

Serra's living warriors looked on in horror. "Where is our Lady now?" they cried. (Defiling Tears)

"Let Phyrexia breed evil in the darkness; my holy light will reveal its taint." —Serra (Disenchant)

"Serra's light isn't easily extinguished." —Reya Dawnbringer (Divine Presence)

"My soul thirsts for Serra's salvation, as does my body for life's breath." —Ihsan's Shade (Dry Spell)

"Why do you weep for the dead? I rejoice, for they have died for me." —Fallen angel, to Serra (Fallen Angel)

"You lived for Serra's love. Will you not die for it?" (False Prophet)

"Soon, Serra will return and choose the Abbot's successor, else we are lost." —Gulsen, Abbey Matron (Hazduhr the Abbot)

"Xantcha is recovering. The medicine is slow, but my magic would have killed her." -Serra, to Urza (Healing Salve)

"May angels fly at your back. May your blade cleave the darkness." -War blessing of Serra (Holy Strength)

"Serra ruled by faith. I cannot afford that luxury." —Radiant, archangel (Hope and Glory)

"It is not your place to rule, Radiant. It may not even be mine." —Serra (Humble)

"We each have our own strengths, Radiant," Serra said with a sly smile. "If all of my people were like this one, who would carry your scrolls?" (Intrepid Hero)

The archangels zealously drove Serra's light into every corner of their new home as if their creator still commanded them. (Mask of Law and Grace)

"The faith of Serra is borne on wings of hope." -Gulsen, abbey matron (Mesa Falcon)

Just as Serra crafted angels of light and faith, Urza constructed an army of sorcery and power to resist the coming invasion. (Metathran Soldier)

"Fight? I cannot. I do not care if I live or die, so long as I can rest." —Urza, to Serra (Pacifism)

A thing of Serra's realm exists only by the grace of her followers' faith. (Reliquary Monk)

Serra told them to guard Urza as he healed. Five years they stood. (Sanctum Custodian)

"Serra isn't dead. She lives on through me." (Serra Avatar)

"Serra, like Feroz, is long since dead. But remember, Daria: her spirit shall survive so long as the Homelands do." —Taysir (Serra Aviary)

One light, one blade, one purpose. —Vow of the Serra Paladins (Serra Paladin)

Sphinxes drink from the mystic meres of Serra's realm, where their keen eyes watch reflections of what is and what is yet to come. (Serra Sphinx)

"The light of an angel's glance is warm, but her fixed stare blinds and burns." —Calexis, deacon of the New Order of Serra (Serra's Boon)

The touch of Serra's angels bears hopes aloft and empowers noble causes. (Serra's Embrace)

Their commitment to Serra is as solid as any shield. (Solidarity)

"Believe in the ideal, not the idol." —Serra (Worship)