The Shadow Brotherhood consists of a number of secretive agents, spies, and assassins. The organization works for pay, and excels in infiltration, espionage, assassination, sabotage, and similar activities. In addition, the Shadow Brotherhood routinely identifies things that endanger liabilities among their allies, such as someone preparing a cache of gold to use as a bribery. The brotherhood will divert such threats to their own benefit.

Their members fall into a number of different roles have a number of different roles.

Agents of Shadow are masters of gaining advance information regarding their targeted enemy. They maintain extensive networks of informants. They will discover if an enemy attack is planned, and where the attackers originate, so they can lead their allies on a pre-emptive counterattack.

Assassins of Shadow infiltrate regions controlled by the enemy, and identify potential threats, and eliminate them. They determine if a particular creature might pose a threat to their allies, and quickly dispatch them.

The Knife of Shadow is an absolute master of disguise. He will replace an enemy agent, and lure particularly choice creatures into positions of weakness. Then they will eliminate them.

Red Masters of Shadow infiltrate the enemy stronghold, eliminating targets within. During a siege of the enemy stronghold, they will use the confusion to enter the stronghold and eliminate targets.

Shadow Spies are masters of infiltrating enemy ranks and causing confusion. They can cause confusion by scrambling signals, rapid disguises, and rapid weaving through an enemy's ranks. Furthermore, they also are fond of stealing and sabotaging enemy battle plans.

Shadow Warriors are skilled at infiltrating deep into enemy ranks, and finding the recruiting halls of the enemy - whether they are pubs or hiring halls. They spot potentially dangerous enemy prospects, and eliminate them before they become a threat.

Thieves of Shadow target the enemy command itself, stealing any magical power stones or similar enhancing items. Like the Red Masters, they will use the confusion of a siege attack to enter the enemy stronghold and search for such items.

Agent of Shadow, Assasin of Shadows