In all the known history of the Orcs, there has never been a greater season of raiding than in 434 Tz, when Kzar Nabar led the war-hordes of the Fist into the underbelly of the Empire. When Kzar Nabar was killed during the Battle of Rokos, and the Orc armies threatened to scatter to the four winds, Khan Rava and the leaders of the Shadow Khan tribes held a gathering long into the night. In the end, they decided, going against all tradition, to stay and control the occupied territories and make Prieska into their own homeland. By not returning to the Fist and sharing (or losing) their spoils to the traditionally stronger Broken Tusk tribes, they would be able to reap the spoils, raise whole broods of strong-limbed children, and have lives away from the heavy-handed dominance of the Broken Tusk tribes. While this strategy is dangerous, the mass of human slaves and goods taken during the raids throughout Prieska allows the Shadow Khans food, treasure and numbers of slaves they’ve never dreamed of – all of which they never have to share with the Broken Tusk or the other Orc tribes of the Fist. Whether their daring plan will work is yet to be seen, but for one summer at least, the Shadow Khans will live like kings.