Unlike other planes, Shandalar does not have a fixed location in the Multiverse: it forever drifts through the Blind Eternities, the space between the planes. Abnormally mana-rich, Shandalar is a place where magic flows freely, from the wilds of Kalonia and the kingdom of Thune to the shadows of Xathrid, the peak of Valkas, and the remote Evos Isle. It was once home to the Onakke, an ogre civilization adept at using the plane's abundant mana to craft artifacts of terrible power. Now the inhabitants of this unusual plane must combat the growing hive mind of the slivers, an ever-evolving race that threatens to consume their world.

Shandalar is a fantastic world, full of Paragons of several virtues, assassins that strike from the dark, the cruelest of sadists, and inventive aeronauts. Wildlife is prevalent—and dangerous—on Shandalar, and beasts of all shapes and sizes roam the land, including symbiotic hydras, squid horrors, and, yes, flying fish.

But the more civilized denizens of Shandalar don't make life much easier, either. Massive, wall-smashing constructs roam the land here, as they do in many other planes, as do goblins who rouse rabble, salamander wizards who always seem to find the right path, and majestic sphinxes ready with a riddle.

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