Sharuum the Hegemon is the beautiful, ageless female sphinx who serves as Esper's de facto "philosopher queen". Her word is taken as the deepest wisdom and her judgements, though rare, are incontrovertible. She cannot forge new etherium, but Sharuum has taught her allies how to thin the existing etherium, leading to ever more delicate filigree structures among Esper's beings.

To gain audience with the hegemon, one must bring a riddle she has not heard.

"Soon I will sleep, eyes closing to a world tarnished with flesh, and then wake to a polished vision." -Sharuum (Scourglass)

"The soul is only as eternal as I say it is." -Sharuum the Hegemon (Mind Funeral)

"I pray that I am never considered useless or old." -Sharuum the Hegemon (Time Sieve)

Sharuum the Hegemon (FtV), Sharuum the Hegemon