Shauku was an ancient vampire of Femeref descent. Her past is shrouded in mystery. She was approached by Kaervek to aid him in his conquest of Jamuraa, and she declined. A xenophobe, Shauku dislikes strangers and crowds and was underwhelmed by the notion of being involved in an open conflict; she was actually more savvy about the powers of her opponents than Kaervek and knew better than to get involved.

Shauku maintains an ancient and unpleasant library with the aid of a few attendants. Those who wish to read the texts found there have to study under her for a year and must donate blood to her regularly. Shauku uses the blood to divine much about the students, and while they may leave Shauku's home on one piece, she will always own and control a piece of them.

An isolationist whose tone is generally curt and threatening, even Shauku's wisdom is abrasive.

"I write upon clean white parchment with a sharp quill and the blood of my students, divining their secrets." -Shauku, Endbringer (Vampiric Tutor)

"My minions serve me in the light; I serve no one." -Shauku, Endbringer (Shauku's Minion)

"Life is a resource that should belong only to the strong." -Shauku, Endbringer (Circle of Despair)

"The flesh is a casket for the soul." -Shauku, Endbringer (Soulshriek)

"Politics is a game -move a stone here, move a stone there -except sometimes the stones bleed." -Shauku, Endbringer (Political Trickery)

First death. Then Shauku. (Endbringer's Revel)

"I offered you eternal life; I just didn't say where." -Shauku, Endbringer (Infernal Harvest)

"I no longer believe in a final resting place." -Shauku, Endbringer (Grave Servitude)

"Go ahead. Take it. You'll be so very powerful ... and what harm can it do?" (Agent of Shauku)