A free-standing cathedral in the foothills north of the Puzzling Hedge serves as the personal retreat of Malcanthet, where she takes some of her most-favored consorts for week-long erotic excursions designed to sap rhem of their will and make them forever her creatures. Numerous private chambers allow rhe Succubus Queen to invite vast retinues of followers and enraptured mortals to her retreats, during which all participants freely exchange partners in a panoply of carnal excess. "Do what thou wilt" is the whole ot the law within the halls and bedchambers of Shudderwall, and many visitors find the ordeal too much to take, as affairs grow progressively violent and debauched. By the time the locked gates open to allow participants to return to Rivenheart or farther destinations, several mortals lay dead upon the cathedral floor, naked and broken amid scraps of clothing and unidentifiable organic liquids.