The Shyft are reptilian creatures who use their empathic powers to manipulate the Mage Spawn for their own purposes. Stealthy and sly, they hide away in ruins that dot the landscape and wield their power from afar.

The increase of magic in the Land due to the Solonavi spell has allowed this ancient race to adapt to surface life in ways that most scholars couldn't imagine. Now, the Shyft Matriarch - merely by taking a bite out of a captured warriors - can give birth to a fully-grown, blue-skinned version of that warrior in the space of a few short weeks.

The Shyft's eruption from the Dungeons of the Land to attack the surface dwellers took many warlords by surprise. With armies of Mage Spawn, empathic warriors, and quick-birthing Matriarch breeding machines, the Shyft soon claimed territory throughout the Land. While two distinct tribes survived - the Shyft of the Red Fen and the Blue Water clans - they are at war with one another for dominance just as much as they are trying to destroy the other cultures that stand against them.