Hello, Silas. I think it's time we sat down and had a nice, long talk-about the men and women Knicknevin murdered, and what you did to the bodies... (Secret Passages) Aimin's fer sissies! -Cletus Peacock (Shotgun) Gomorra's only mortician, he's a weird one, Silas is. Always seems more comfortable around the stiffs than anyone else, and never lets anyone come near 'em before the funeral. Like they were his pets or somethin'. Cut me once, pal, and I'll make you eat that razor. -Cletus Peacock (The Barber's Shop) Maybe you should spend a little quality time with your victims, Silas... -Max Baine (Brush with Death) I've told you! I left the bodies behind the Elephant Hill Mausoleum. I don't know what happened to them after that! Dear God, leave me be! God cannot see you, Silas. You have hidden from him for far too long... -Max Baine (No Way Out!) Living... dead... it makes no difference any more. We're all just meat for the flies in the end.