Reverend Simon MacPherson was killed by Flim and Flam.

The wrath of the righteous man shall engulf even the greatest of his enemies. -Reverend MacPherson (Test Of Faith)

Trust in God and keep your gunbelt dry - that's the best advice you'll ever hear.

If the devil is sending his spawn against us, its only fair that God return the favor.

Reverend MacPherson finally got himself a proper church. A pity he didn't live long enough to enjoy it. (1st Baptist Church of Gomorra)

You seem to be having a problem with those cards of yours, son. Let me show you my hand... -Rev. Simon MacPherson (Censure)

Idle hands are the Devil's servants, and he's already got enough of those 'round here. -Rev. MacPherson (Church Raisin')

The Right Hand of God takes many forms. -Rev. MacPherson (Holy Wheel Gun)

The road to hell is paved with what you got, Reverend. (Lost Faith)

MacPherson is the first, yes, but It wants them all gone, It does. All gone, so the Holy Man is alone. The nun is next, yes. And then the sweet-meat mission man... -Flim and Flam (Culling of the Blessed)

Do I feel threatened by it? No, sir. If there's anything this town needs, it's more churchin'. -Rev. Simon MacPherson (Revival Comes to Town)

Remember: He died for your sins. -Rev. Simon MacPherson (Easter Sunday)