This ruin is a cyclopean maze of strange structures and tumbled towers hidden somewhere near the center of the enormous Na Plateau. Known by legend throughout Zendikar, the Singing City is so named for the eerie, almost musical sounds that come from underground chambers below the ruined buildings. The sounds have driven many explorers mad, causing them to turn on companions or hurl themselves from great heights, but enough have survived with proof of great treasures and powerful magic to draw others to grim fates. Goblin tribes dwell around the ruin, offering aid to those who would enter the Singing City and then hovering like vultures in the surrounding trees, waiting for their chance to pick up the pieces.

Goblins that explore too deeply and too often into the Singing City in Murasa inevitably go "song-mad." These poor wretches are banished from their tribes to stumble drunkenly about the Singing City, absently crooning its song. Left in the City, they are harmless and eventually waste away, but removing a song-mad goblin far enough that it can't hear the City's singing drives it into a frenzy. Goblin tribes at war with one another often sweep the City to gather as many of the song-mad as they can. They then strap blades to them and tie weapons into their fists. These song-mad goblins are driven into battle by other goblins wielding "mancatchers" and then released among the foe. The screeching creatures thrash wildly about, causing havoc and casualties until killed or turned back to thrash among those who brought them to war.

"I believe the influence of the Eldrazi is strong here. The notes that play in my skull spell out what feels like a message, the words of which I feel I can just barely translate in my dreams. When I wake, though, the morning shreds my revelations like damp paper. No matter. I can feel a breakthrough coming. Tomorrow we journey into the ruin's heart, and I will finally know what they wish to tell me." -Journal of Aida Lunda