Skirges are winged, imp-like creatures. They have wide-set eyes, bat-like wings, and a tail. Their most distinguishing feature is their mouth - a skirge's mouth is vertical, filled with sharp teeth.

Skirges are native to Phyrexia (and New Phyrexia). A few have undergone phyresis, but most haven't.

Davvol encouraged the skirges; they made excellent sentries and were quite edible if properly seasoned. (Slinking Skirge)

Subtypes and Variants

Ravenous SkirgeDominia
Skirge FamiliarDominia
Skittering SkirgeDominia
Slinking SkirgeDominia
Tethered SkirgeDominia
Vault SkirgeMirrodin

Lurking Skirge