On the southern end of a huge mountain range known as the Pardic Mountains lies an unstable little pile of rocks called Skirk Ridge. Skirk Ridge is home to Otaria's goblins. Nesting in caves in the cliffs of the Ridge, the goblins use an improvised system of ropes, pulleys, and ladders to navigate the vertiginous heights.

The goblins generally steer clear of the beasts, barbarians, dwarves and dragons of the northern Pardic Mountains, but sometimes compete in the Cabal-run pit fights. Their technology, cobbled from whatever resources they find in the crags and mines of the Ridge, is surprisingly ingenious, but also usually incredibly dangerous.

Skirk Ridge borders the Wirewood forest at a series of cliffs, and the goblins fight the elves to control the cliffs.

Goblin Burrows, Mountain (ONS)