These high, steep-sided mountains are covered in forests. They extend from the western side of Murasa and wind deep into its interior, dividing the western half of the continent in two. Those who wish to get over the mountains must brave the dangers of its beasts and the perils of its "fangs"—huge stalactite-like shards of rock that float above the mountains when the sun shines on them but that plummet down to stab the mountainsides when the sun sets or when a passing cloud blocks the light.

Flight is the safest way to go through the Skyfang Mountains, but the next best path is the aptly named Shatterskull Pass. A wide trail passes through on a relatively shallow incline. Yet dozens of "fangs" hang above the pass, their bottoms blunted into flat surfaces by countless ground shuddering impacts into the ground. Travelers through Shatterskull must beware not only the fall of the "fangs" but also the local rocs that might not be patient enough to wait for a meal of carrion.

"If you climb Skyfang Peak, avoid the pass. Generations of apes made that trail, and they don't tolerate trespassers." -Sachir, Akoum Expeditionary House (Summit Apes)