Slayer, dark sorcerer of the Deverenians. His name inspires fear among the serfs and nobility of the Empire. Tales of his black magic are whispered far and wide across the Lands of the Accord. He lives in a black tower, far from the Imperial City, and teaches his magic only to those strong enough to withstand its demands. Shadows surround him, clinging tight to velvet robes with the hunger of dark bargains and venomous serpents. He is their master – the Keeper of Secrets hidden long ago. With whispers, he draws the Emperor’s true desires to the surface: promising ancient secrets in exchange for mastery of the Storm, Slayer’s control over the Imperial Court grows with each passing day. And as the Emperor’s frail hands grow pale with age, his mind turns ever more toward thoughts of immortality... carefully led by the gentle whispers of the black sorcerer.

Slayer the Unkind has little use for those beneath him. The troops that hold the front line are there only to hold the opponents' blades from coming too near. And if a lowly soldier begins to tire, Slayer will use what little life force remains to power yet another devastating strike of magical fire and lightning.

Control the past, and you will command the future.

"Devastation is an art." - Slayer the Unkind (Spell Book)

They are Slayer's looking glass and mute witness, seeing the world through a thousand eyes and witnessing the atrocities performed in the Empire's name. So long as they repent, and weep, he has no need of conscience." -Gahid (Robe of Eyes)

"Be warned, Aenne, lest thou dare think to question me!" - Slayer the Unkind (A Touch of Power)

"Tear out thy eyes, stripling, else thou must gaze upon me and see the true wrath of the Storm." - Slayer the Unkind (Gaze of the Infinite)

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