A metis philodox among the Uktena

"Sleeping Brook has a plan. I hope we can make it work." -Old Oak

"This has the power to crush the Storm Eater, trapping it forever." -Sleeping Brook (Vision Doll)

"He has a strong spirit. He will be the one." - Sleeping Brook

"We must call a guide to us, for the Cub must travel far." - Sleeping Brook (Rite of Summoning)

"If you cannot find the right spirit, make one." - Sleeping Brook (Mold the Spirit)

"A finger and a look is all it takes." - Sleeping Brook (Umbral Stop)

"Respect your elders. Speak when spoken too." - Sleeping Brook (Eagle Headdress)

"This spirit will guide you, little Fenris." - Sleeping Brook (Hawk Spirit)

"Let me tell you of my path, for I can bear this burden no longer." - Sleeping Brook (Rite of Passage)

"When we heard how the Fenris fell, Sleeping Brook took me aside. He told me of the ritual and sent me to renew peace among the Tribes. I never saw him again." (Morning Hawk)

"It is useless. Let us at least free its spirit." - Sleeping Brook (Release Spirit)