Sliveroids are an evolution of Slivers that have attained a humanoid form. They share the ability to shapeshift and adapt, but have radically changed their appearance. Like their forebears, sliveroids can share mutations with each other (and even slivers).

Sliveroids have movable plates that lets the slivers rearrange their anatomies, and one of their arms is often elongated and sharpened, reminiscent of the sliver claw.

Subtypes and Variants

Battle SliveroidDominia
Belligerent SliveroidShandalar
Blur SliveroidDominia
Bonescythe SliveroidDominia
Diffusion SliveroidShandalar
Galerider SliveroidDominia
Groundshaker SliveroidDominia
Leeching SliveroidShandalar
Manaweft SliveroidDominia
Megantic SliveroidDominia
Predatory SliveroidDominia
Sentinel SliveroidDominia
Sliveroid ConstructConstructDominia
Steelform SliveroidDominia
Striking SliveroidDominia
Syphon SliveroidDominia
Thorncaster SliveroidDominia
Venom SliveroidShandalar

Sliver token (M14)