A homid galliard among the Bone Gnawers

"I don't kill for glory... I kill for peace."

"Sober or not, I can't get the hang of these here holsters." - Sneaky Pete (Stressful Events)

"Well, Pat's at the casino. There's Bourbon Betty's place and Bill's favorite haunt... Why waste time fighting me?" - Sneaky Pete (Distractions)

"Hey! Don't blame me! Y'all are the leaders!" - Sneaky Pete (Cornered Rat)

"When they get that look, I just mosey on away. Fast." - Sneaky Pete (Heart of Fury)

"Just 'cause y'kill somethin' don't mean y'gotta enjoy it." - Sneaky Pete (A Tear for the Prey)

Sneaky Pete (crinos), Sneaky Pete (homid)